Staff Word on a puzzle piece and others connected to it with terms hire, train, motivate and retain to illustrate human resources challenges

In order to grow your business, your employees must be educated and engaged to be excellent ambassadors for your company. Offering ongoing training will not only grow their skills but will also improve their future performance and help them to remain engaged in their jobs. Although training can take many forms, research has shown live instructor led training programs present the most interactive, hands-on approach to learning. Working with dynamic live instructors either in person or via an online live training program, enables your staff to participate in discussions: a proven way for participants to process, integrate, and retain new information. Solutions by Sloane has presented our own popular seminars to many companies, organizations, and educational institutions with rave reviews. We can also customize programs designed to achieve your specific goals and/or deploy your information in a memorable way that will resonate with your employees. We work with you to ensure all your desired learning outcomes are built-in to the seminars we develop specifically for you, taking into account the skill levels of your participants, from novices to seasoned professionals.