The “Pick Our Brains” consultation is 30 or 60 minutes of our undivided attention to give you the information and the push you need to get focused, get started, and get moving. Maybe you are looking for feedback or another perspective on a project or an event you are planning? Perhaps you have just a few specific questions that need to be answered by a public relations or marketing strategist. Could it be that you know what you want but you don’t know what you need?

The “Pick Our Brains” consultation is a solution for those times that you need help with just one little thing (or maybe one big thing!)

One session with us may be enough to inspire you and point you in the right direction. We can take you a long way in a short time. If you need or want more, we’ll structure a customized package that is right for you.

Use this contact form to request your 3 preferred dates and times for your “Pick Our Brains” session and enter your payment. Then, we’ll confirm your consultation, which can be conducted in person, via Skype or by phone.

And together, we will help you solve the puzzle of your business challenges.


30 Minute Consultation


Sandy Sloane Solutions by Sloane

60 Minute Consultation


Sandy Sloane Solutions by Sloane