Your business is doing well but could it be even better?

Solutions by Sloane thinks so!

Are you finding it overwhelming to manage everything your company needs to get done?

Are you too close to your business to see areas that need some improvement?

Does your team need some workforce development and sales training in working with customers and co-workers?

Where can you get help without spending a fortune?

How can you host a special event that is truly special?

Would you like to generate publicity and positive buzz about your company?

Solutions by Sloane has the answers!

“He who has a thing to sell, and goes and whispers in a well,

Is not as apt to make the dollars,

as he who stands on a hill and hollers.”

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How Can We Help?

With over 30 years of professional experience and having generated over $8 million in incremental revenue, we have the know-how, experience, and maturity to help you problem solve, using an integrated combination of Workforce Development and Sales Training Solutions, Special Events, Strategic Audits, and Public Relations Programs.

Specializing in the Following Areas:

  • Creation and deployment of customized group and 1:1 sales, communications, and management training solutions
  • Creation and execution of employee motivation, staff engagement, and team building programs
  • Conception and production of special events
  • Creation and implementation of publicity and public relations programs
  • Evaluation and implementation of strategic audit platforms
Business Solutions New York Marketing Consulting

Our philosophy is simple: Our bottom line is helping your bottom line.  We’ll partner with you to figure out the right solution to help you grow your business.